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Symposium Report: DISCCRS VI

DISCCRS (Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research) held its sixth annual symposium at La Foret, outside of Colorado Springs, on October 22-29.  This workshop, sponsored by the NSF and NASA, focuses on bringing together a multidisciplinary group of early career researchers in climate change for training in interdisciplinary collaboration and effectively communicating climate change research to a wider audience.  Organizers Ronald Mitchell and Sue Weiler were joined by a team of senior scholars in different areas of climate change to serve as mentors to the participants, hosting sessions on topics such as career issues and grant writing.  The 32 participants this year came from six countries and represented about a dozen disciplines ranging from hydrology to biology to public policy to philosophy.  (I was the program’s first and only historian this year—but hopefully not its last.)  Perhaps the greatest attraction of all was the chance to network with top new researchers in a range of disciplines.   The DISCCRS program hosts an excellent website, with information on how to register your dissertation and how to apply to next year’s symposium, along with extensive funding and career resources:


About Sam White

Assistant Professor of History at the Ohio State University

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