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Historical Climate at the American Geophysical Union Meeting

PAGES will be supporting the following session, of interest to historical climatologists, at the AGU in San Francisco this December:

“Climate of the Common Era (PP026)
Conveners: Edward Cook, Jason Smerdon, Kevin Anchukaitis & Julien Emile-Geay
Abstract: This session aims to highlight recent work on all aspects of the climate of the last two thousand years (the Common Era), using new proxy records, reconstruction methodologies, process and forward proxy modeling, and paleoclimate model simulations. Contributions that combine several of the above areas are particularly welcome. We also encourage studies that promote the use of the PAGES (Past Global Changes) Regional 2k Network and/or the CMIP5/PMIP3 last millennium (LM) simulations, in order to enhance our understanding of past and future climate dynamics.”
Unfortunately, my conference budget is already stretched rather thin.  If anyone attending the AGU would like to write up a report on papers relevant to recent climate history for the website, I would be much obliged…

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Assistant Professor of History at the Ohio State University

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