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CFP – Disasters Wet and Dry: Rivers, Floods, and Droughts in World History

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“This conference will explore across national boundaries and throughout the human past the social, political, cultural, and economic effects of flooding rivers and cycles of drought. We invite scholars in history and related disciplines to submit paper proposals on such questions as these: How have different societies understood drought and flood, and how have traditional knowledge and modern science shaped social understanding of those phenomena? What strategies of coping have societies pursued, and where did they succeed and where did they fail? What kinds of community relief have they devised, short-term or long-term? How have natural disasters influenced the development of civilizations? How may human actions have created conditions for disastrous floods and droughts? Paper proposals should be one-page long (or about 300 words) and include a title and a one- or two-page CV. The deadline for consideration is 1 January 2013. Successful proposals will be announced by 1 February, and complete drafts of papers will be required by 1 May. Travel expenses for scholars living outside of China will be paid for by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. Scholars living within China should depend on their own universities for covering travel expenses. For all participants, hotel expenses for four nights will be covered by Renmin University of China.

Christof Mauch , Director, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich
Donald Worster , School of History, Renmin University of China, Beijing
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