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Climate History at the European Society for Environmental History, Munich, August 20-24, 2013


The next European Society for Environmental History Conference will take place August 20-24, 2013 at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and is hosted by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.   The conference theme will be “Circulating Natures: Water-Food-Energy.”

This year, we have quite a few panels on climate and history, which should include:

-“The Climates of History and the Future of Humanity” with papers by Geoffrey Parker and Christian Pfister, chaired by John McNeill;

-Panels on documentary evidence for weather and climate reconstruction, with papers by Rudolf Brádzil, Stefan Vogt, Indrek Tarand, Christian Rohr, and others;

-“European Wars and the Environment during the Little Ice Age,” with papers by Dagomar Degroot, L. Rácz and E. Johann, chaired by Richard Hoffmann;

-“Extreme Drought Events: What they can tell us about the past and future” with papers by Christian Pfister and Glen MacDonald;

-“Hail storms, tropical cyclone, typhoons, ice cover, and their impacts,” with papers by Frank Oberholzner, David Nash, Michael Grossman, and Astrid Ogilvie chaired by Takehiko Mikami;

-“Water and Ice in the Low Countries: Causes, Consequences and Perception of Ice Blocking and River Flooding, 14th-20th centuries,” with papers by Adriaan de Kraker and others, chaired by Christian Rohr;

-“Volcanoes, Weather and Vulnerability: Impact of 18th-century Volcanic Eruptions on weather extremes, floods, and food shortages: European case studies,” with Andrea Kiss;

-“Past Human Impact of Climate Variability,” with Carey Mock, Kathleen Pribyl, and others;

-“Climate Crises, Famine and Migration,” with papers by Steven Engler, Takehiko Mikami, and Rudiger Glaser, chaired by Christian Pfister; and

-“The Climates of Colonial History,” with papers by Georgina Endfield, Franz Mauelshagen, and Sam White, chaired by Rudiger Glaser.

We also plan to make this conference the first official meeting of the new International Society for Historical Climatology and Climate History.  We’ll post more information soon.  (In the meantime, my apologies for any mistakes or missing names!)

Registration opens on February 15, and there should be a full conference program available soon.  For more information, please see:


About Sam White

Assistant Professor of History at the Ohio State University

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