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Audio Walk to Reveal the Climatic History of a British Beauty Spot

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A new audio walk to help walkers at a Cumbrian beauty spot to unlock its rich history and learn about the dramatic climate and weather conditions that shape its landscape developed by University of Nottingham researchers.

The audio walk, which has been written by a team Georgina Endfield, Lucy Veale, Gary Priestnall, Sam Meek and Simon Naylor (Univeristy of Exeter) and will be narrated by legendary weather broadcaster and former Met Office stalwart John Kettley, who will guide visitors on a 10-mile walk up Great Dun Fell, the second highest hill in the English Pennines.

An experimental smartphone app to accompany the walk is also being developed by the team. The creation of the walk and app has been funded as part of an ongoing project funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Weather Walks and Weather Talks: Exploring Popular Climate Histories and Futures.  The walk is part of the Royal Geographical Society’s (with the Institute of British Geographers) Discovering Britain project aimed at encouraging the public to explore the stories behind Britain’s landscapes.

The team is currently recruiting volunteers for testing the walk and associated app in the Spring and would be delighted to hear from people interested in participating.

For further information, please contact:

Danielle Moore-Chick, AHRC: 01793 416021

Emma Thorne, University of Nottingham: 0115 951

1. More information is available on the web at: (opens in a new window)


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