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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops (PAGES)

Upcoming PAGES co-sponsored workshops:
Chironomid Workshop (Southampton, UK, 10-13 June 2013)
The workshop will bring together active researchers to discuss current issues in the use of chironomids in palaeoecological research and climate reconstruction.
Register by 1 June 2013.
2nd Sea Ice Proxy (SIP) Working Group Workshop – From Proxies Towards Reconstructions(Cambridge, UK, 22-24 July 2013)
The meeting will focus on setting the parameters for an overall review paper on methods for sea ice reconstruction, comparing different proxies claiming to provide similar information for the same geographical area, making recommendations for multi-proxy reconstructions, and exposing key datasets to make it easier to combine these data.
For more information contact Eric Wolff (
Eastern African Quaternary Climate Change and Variability: A View from the Highlands (Nanyuki, Kenya, 23-27 July 2013)
The workshop will provide a forum for exchange of research results and ideas among the eastern African Quaternary community.
For more information contact Christine Ogola (
Latin American Abrupt Climate Changes and Environmental Responses – LaACER II Workshop(Natal, Brazil, 4-8 August 2013)
The main goals of the workshop are capacity building, strengthening synergies between ocean, terrestrial and modeling communities, and promoting scientific deliberation on millennial-scale climate variability during the last glacial in tropical and subtropical America.
For more information contact Dunia H. Urrego (
Quaternary Palaeoecology: Reconstructing Past Environments (Jujuy, Argentina, 19-30 August 2013)
This intensive two-week course aims to provide an outline of the principles, methods and applications of selected proxies, an overview of methods and software use for data analyses, and an overview of spatial and evolutionary responses of organisms to different Quaternary driving forces.
Register by 19 May 2013.
Open Science Conference on Isotopes of Carbon, Water, and Geotracers in Paleoclimate Research (Bern, Switzerland, 26-28 August 2013)
The conference will bring together observationalists and modelers to exchange latest insights on the opportunity offered by isotopes to quantitatively understand physical and biogeochemical processes and to unravel past and present climate change.
Submit an abstract by 31 May 2013.
11th International Conference on Paleoceanography – Long-term Perspectives On Ocean And Climate Dynamics – Three Decades of ICP (Barcelona, Spain, 1-6 September 2013)
The International Conference on Paleoceanography provides an opportunity to present and debate groundbreaking new observations and scientific initiatives from the ocean and climate science communities.
Submit an abstract by 15 April 2013.
Estimating Rates and Sources of Sea Level Change During Past Warm Periods (Rome, Italy, 21-24 October 2013)
The workshop will explore what the paleo record says about rates, sources and processes of sea level change during past warm periods such as the Holocene, the last interglaciation, other interglaciations like marine isotope stage 11, and the Pliocene optimum, drawing on evidence from geologic records, geochronological controls, and models of climate, ice sheets and glacial isostatic effects.
For more information contact Andrea Dutton (
Ramsar Wetlands: Detecting Change in Ecological Character (Melbourne, Australia, 6-8 November 2013)
This workshop will bring key palaeoecological researchers together with limnologists and ecologists to explore means of better understanding the nature of change and variability in key Ramsar wetlands across the globe.
Submit an abstract by 31 July 2013.
PMIP Ocean Workshop 2013 – Understanding Changes Since the Last Glacial Maximum (Oregon, USA, 4-6 December 2013)
The workshop will aim to evaluate the ocean simulations including circulation patterns and strengths and also to bring together sea-going paleoceanographers, modelers, and statisticians in an effort to collaboratively improve our understanding of ocean changes since the LGM.
Register by 31 August 2013.

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