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CFP: 12th History Symposium at the American Meteorological Society

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logoleft“The theme for the 2014 AMS Annual Meeting is “Extreme Weather—Climate and the Built Environment: New perspectives, opportunities, and tools.” Herein, we broadly define weather and climate extreme events to include, but not be limited to, severe storms, tornados, tropical cyclones, floods, winter storms, drought, temperature extremes, derechos, aircraft turbulence, wildfires, extreme solar activity, and ocean-land responses (e.g. storm surges, landslides, debris flows). Our society is a “built environment,” increasingly connected by cyber, energy, water, transportation, health, social, and other infrastructures—one that interacts with the natural environment through ecosystem functions supplied by wetlands, barrier islands, etc. The sustainability of this built environment and stewardship of our natural ecosystems are clearly related to quality of life. The theme is designed to explore the aforementioned “focal point” combining scientific inquiry, technological advances, societal implications, and public awareness through the lens of past, current, and future extreme weather and climate events.

  • The 12th History Symposium solicits contributions for its general session relating to the overarching theme of the Annual Meeting. Topics should be analyzed through the lens of history.
  • The 11th Symposium on Urban Environment and the 12th History Symposium solicit contributions for joint session(s) on the history of urban climate research.  Topics include, but are not limited to early years of urban climate research, early applications of urban climate research to real urban areas, history and future of urban observations and urban models.

If you would like to propose a session topic for this conference, please contact the program chairperson (contact information noted below) by 1 May 2013.  The $95 abstract fee includes the submission of your abstract, the posting of your extended abstract, and the uploading and recording of your presentation which will be archived on the AMS Web site.

For additional information, please contact the program chairperson(s), Jean Phillips,”


About Sam White

Assistant Professor of History at the Ohio State University

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