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Workshop: Mortality Crises in Medieval Europe

412px-Great_famineAn interdisciplinary and international workshop supported by the University of Stirling and the Economic History Society, “Mortality Crises between the Plagues: Epidemics, Epizootics and Food Shortages, c.800-c.1300 CE” takes place at the University of Stirling, Scotland, 12-13 November 2013. Participating scholars will address European mortality crises between the last outbreak of the Justinianic Plague in 750 (or 767) and the irruption of the Black Death in 1346. Climate anomalies underlie several of the events addressed.

The workshop will build on and synthesize recent scholarship. Its four primary objectives are to identify inter-plague epidemics, epizootics and subsistence crises in time and space, to gauge the demographic and economic fallout of these events, to consider temporal and spatial trends in their occurrence, and to examine possible synergy between disease, hunger, and climate in the inter-plague period.

Sessions will examine (1) mortality crises in the early Middle Ages; (2) mortality crises in High Medieval England and Scotland; (3) mortality crises in High Medieval Southern Europe; and (4) mortality crises in High Medieval Northern Europe.

Speakers include: Francis Ludlow, Timothy Newfield, Peter Jankrift, Richard Oram, Bruce Campbell, Alasdair Ross, Philip Slavin, Pere Benito i Monclús, Antoni Riera Melis, Joan Montoro Maltas, Luciano Palermo, Nils Hybel, Heli Huhtamaa, and Stuart Morrison.

More information, including a complete list of papers, is attached here.


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