Climate History Network

A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change

CfP: Changing Climate Change Communication

Changing climate change communication:

A conference on the interactions between culture, society and language in the context of global warming

21-22 July, 2014

VU University Amsterdam, de Boelelaan 1081, 1081HV Amsterdam, NL

vuThe aim of this two-day conference is to share cutting-edge research and practice, stimulate discussion and inform more effective approaches to the communication of climate change.

The focus of the conference is on climate change as a multi-stakeholder phenomenon, how it is interpreted, made real or unreal, contested or defended, and how these interpretations and frames shape social, political and economic actions by individuals and collectives. During the conference, we will present results from our project.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Participation will focus on presentations around four central themes: 1) climate change communication and/or policy over time, 2) framing and metaphors of climate change/in climate change communication, 3) new media and climate change (communication), and 4) the politics of contestation of climate change.  Participants may submit short abstracts (200 words) directed towards one or more of these core themes. Abstracts may include participants’ original research or participant reflections on how they deal with these questions (see below) in their own research. Participants can present their contributions in the form of a presentation or poster. Participants should indicate in the abstract submission if they plan to present a poster.  Abstracts are due 28 February 2014. Please email submissions to Acceptance notifications will be sent at the end of March. Registration will be open from 15 April, 2014. No registration fee required.

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