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Climate History at the Upcoming ASEH

ASEH 2014The American Society for Environmental history will be holding its annual conference in San Francisco on March 12-16, 2014.  Admittedly, this is an off year for climate history at the ASEH, with most attention going to the last ESEH and American Historical Association meetings and the upcoming World Congress of Environmental History in Portugal this July (I’ll post on that in a minute).  We won’t be holding the usual climate history breakfast, and not many papers on climate were proposed.  However, the program includes some panels to note:

“Talking about the Weather: Climate Change Beliefs in Historical Perspective,” with papers from Paul Brian Davis, Lawrence Culver, Kristina Harper, and Meredith McKittrick;

“Climates of History — Four Responses,” a roundtable with Anita Guerrini, Karl Jacoby, Dipesh Chakrabarty, and Ravi Rajan;

“Rethinking Natural Disasters,” with papers by Heli Huhtamaa, Marten Seppel, Matthew Hannaford, and Timo Myllyntaus;

and “Russian Environmental Science in Historical Perspective,” including papers on climate science by Johanna Conterio and David Moon.


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