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Climate History at the World Congress for Environmental History

WCEHThe International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations is holding the next World Congress for Environmental history in Guimarães, Portugal on July 8-12, 2014.  In the program (finally available) are many panels and papers on climate history.  A more or less complete list follows below.  (Please let know if I’m missing anything!)  I will look into scheduling a formal or informal meeting for scholars of climate history, and post more information if that works out.

“Between the Sun and the Arctic: Climate Change Narratives in Media, Museums and Energy Policy Debates” (Katarina Larsen, Miyase Christensen)

“Perceiving and and Experiencing Climate Change in the Old and New Worlds” (Sam White, Bradley Skopyk, Dagomar Degroot, Nicolas Cunigan)

“A History of Pre-Modern Weather” (Parts I and II) (Alexis Metzger, Kathleen Pribyl, Maria Fátima Nunes, Ana Cravosa, Ziga Zwitter, Clark Alejandrino)

“The Sociopolitical Leverage of Extreme Weather Events in Late Medieval Europe” (Martin Bauch, Thomas Labbé, Linnéa Rowlatt)

“Considering Climate Change” (Iris Borowy, Brandon Luedtke, Julia A. Thomas, Benedetta Rossi)

“Climate History of the Czech Lands” (Petr Dobrovolny et al., Ladislava Reznícková et al.)

“Recording, Visualising, and Disseminating Cultural Memories of Extreme Weather” (Alexander Hall, Cerys Jones, Georgina Endfield, Simon Naylor)

Many other sessions will also feature papers on climate and weather including: Climate Reconstruction in Portugal (Maria Alcoforado); Climate Migration as Adaptation Strategy (Giovanni Bettini); 17th-Century Cape Climate of South Africa (Ravanya Naidoo et al.); Historical Rural Landscapes in the Apennines and Climate Changes (Charles Watkins et al.); and Plantations, Climate, Monocultures and Environmental Determinism in the American South (Mart Stewart).


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