Climate History Network

A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change

University Loans Vast Archive Relevant to Climate History


Many articles on  outline the indispensable role of documentary evidence for testing, refining, and expanding reconstructions of past climates developed using scientific “proxy” sources and computer simulations. Documents that record past weather were written in literate societies, and are only useful in bulk. Hence, reconstructions of ancient climates cannot benefit from documentary refinement, and the same holds true for reconstructions of regions settled by non-literate societies. Nor are all documents equal: written sources that describe processes that respond to weather are useful, but only those are directly refer to weather can be reliably used to reconstruct past climate change and its influence on human activity. Read More


About D Degroot

I am an assistant professor of environmental history at Georgetown University. My research explores flexibility and resilience in the face of climate change across the early modern world. I am the co-administrator of the Climate History Network, and the administrator of For more about my work, visit

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