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Princeton Climate Change and History Research Intiative

PIIRSJohn Haldon and colleagues at Princeton have launched a website for the Climate Change and History Research Initiative.  This interdisciplinary project will investigate the impact of climatic changes across the last two millennia on societies in two environmentally sensitive areas:

  • The eastern Mediterranean basin (including the Balkans, Anatolia and the Near and Middle East)
  • The eastern Eurasian steppe, in particular Mongolia and the regions north of China.

The main focus of the project is the differential impacts of climate and environmental change on society and state formation and the impact of human society and states on the environment.

Grounded in an emerging scientific/environmental-historical paradigm, the project has two goals:

  • To make a substantial contribution to the histories of the regions in question and expand historical approaches to both societal transformation as well as environmental evolution
  • To demonstrate the potential of this new paradigm; to cast new light on issues that have already attracted historians’ attention for some time; and to develop new issues and questions.

For more information, links, and events, please visit the site here.

About Sam White

Assistant Professor of History at the Ohio State University

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