Climate History Network

A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change


What is the Climate History Network?

The Network is an informal organization for teachers and researchers interested in climate and history.  Our goal is to bring together historians and historical climatologists from around the world, to help forge more collaborative and interdisciplinary work, and to offer contacts and resources for academics in the field of climate and history.

This Network grew out of discussions on the H-Environment network in 2010.  It is a member of the International Congress of Environmental History Organizations and holds a regular meeting at the American Society for Environmental History annual conferences.  The Network does not have any institutional or political affiliation or funding.  Membership is free.

Why do we need a network for climate and history?

Contemporary global warming has sparked a growing interest in past climates and spurred the production of ever more detailed and accurate climate reconstructions.  This new research offers scholars a novel opportunity to understand the role of climate in history, to build on the scientific data using historical sources, and to put contemporary experiences in long-term perspective.  This website and network are designed to help scholars find resources and contacts to launch research and teaching in this new interdisciplinary field.

What is in this website?

The main page is a blog entry for news in climate and history.  Here we post publication information, conference reports, calls for papers, updates, and other announcements.  The website is set up so that any member can easily become a contributor.

The pages offer lists of resources including useful climate databases and reconstruction projects, related climate and environmental history websites, and career and teaching information.  The website also links to an extensive searchable climate history bibliography hosted on Zotero.

About the creators:

WhiteSam White is assistant professor of environmental history at the Ohio State University.  Dr. White is the author of The Climate of Rebellion in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2011), on the Little Ice Age in the Middle East, and various articles and chapters on everything from the history of pig breeds to the history of meteorology.  He is currently writing a book (in contract with Harvard UP) on climate and extreme weather during the first European attempts to explore and colonize North America.

Degroot ProfileDagomar Degroot is assistant professor of environmental history at Georgetown University. In his published work, Dr. Degroot has explored examples of human resilience in the face of “natural” climatic fluctuations that predate the onset of global warming. He has written a book, currently in peer review, that furnishes the first detailed analysis of relationships between climate change and the “Golden Age” of the Dutch Republic. His ongoing projects trace the human consequences of seventeenth-century Arctic cooling; investigate connections between climate change and early modern conflict; and identify how people have responded to environmental changes in space. Dr. Degroot is the founder of, a website that attracts more than 100,000 viewers annually.

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