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A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change

A Conversation with Sam White

For the second episode of the Climate History Podcast, Dr. Dagomar Degroot interviews the co-founder and co-administrator of the Climate History Network: Dr. Sam White of Ohio State University. Professor … Continue reading

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Workshop Report: The Paleoclimate-Dendroclimatology Workshop for Pre-Modernists

By Preston Lann, Georgetown University The Paleoclimate-Dendroclimatology Workshop for Pre-Modernists was presented at Princeton University on September 15-17, 2015. It was arranged by Princeton University Department of History staff Dr. John … Continue reading

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Climate History Podcast Launched with Dr. Geoffrey Parker

Dagomar Degroot has launched our new Climate History Podcast by interviewing Geoffrey Parker, author of Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century. If you have iTunes, you can … Continue reading

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Call for Abstracts: Winter Ecology in Northeastern Naturalist

By Thomas Wickman, Trinity College I am pleased to announce an opportunity for environmental historians, historians of science, or historical climatologists to contribute research articles to a special issue of … Continue reading

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Climate History Network Open Meeting at ICHG 2015

By Andrea Williams, Colorado State University The Climate History Network held an open meeting over lunch at the International Conference of Historical Geographers (ICHG) on July 6, 2015. Approximately 37 … Continue reading

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Climate History Network Discussion at ESEH 2015

By Andrea Williams, Colorado State University On July 1, 2015, the Climate History Network met over lunch in Versailles, France, in conjunction with the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) biennial … Continue reading

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Climate History Meetings at the 2015 ESEH and ICHG – Please Attend!

This is just to remind all members and anyone else who might be interested that there will be a meeting at the International Conference of Historical Geographers, lunchtime on Tuesday … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Miranda Massie of the Climate Museum

An interview originally posted at  Climate change might be the most important issue the world faces today. Readers of this site will know it has a rich history. It … Continue reading

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CfP: Workshop: The Crisis of the 14th Century: ‘Teleconnections’ between Environmental and Societal Change?

The Crisis of the 14th Century: ‘Teleconnections’ between Environmental and Societal Change? Organizers: Martin Bauch (Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom); Gerrit J. Schenk (Technische Universität Darmstadt) Location: German Historical Institute … Continue reading

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Heading North for the Arctic Winter: Understanding Glaciers in Svalbard

Text and photographs by Benoit S. Lecavalier.  In early February, I had the opportunity to gather with fellow scientists in Longyearbyen, the most northerly permanent village in the world. The town … Continue reading

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