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A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change

Old World Drought Atlas Online

The Old World Drought Atlas is now online, offering gridded reconstructions of annual wet/dry conditions in Europe and the Mediterranean over the past 2,000 years, based on a network of … Continue reading

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Princeton Climate Change and History Research Intiative

John Haldon and colleagues at Princeton have launched a website for the Climate Change and History Research Initiative.  This interdisciplinary project will investigate the impact of climatic changes across the … Continue reading

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Announcements from PAGES

The PAGES (Past Global Changes) group has announced new meeting dates and calls for papers for PAGES workshops and panels at the EGU and other upcoming conferences.  Please see the … Continue reading

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New Teaching Resource: CAMEL

CAMEL is a free, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, multimedia resource for educators.  It includes articles, videos, and course materials on a wide range of topics related to climate science, climate reconstruction, and … Continue reading

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Japan Climate Data Project

In 2013, researchers from Seikei University, Teikyo University, and Tokyo Metropolitan University created the new Japan Climate Data Project.  This collaboration aims to recover and catalog Japan’s extensive historical climate … Continue reading

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New Teaching Resource: 100 Views of Climate Change

I have added a new site, 100 Views of Climate Change, to Teaching and Public Communication – Links. Here is the description from the DISCCRS newsletter: “100 Views of Climate … Continue reading

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Audio Walk to Reveal the Climatic History of a British Beauty Spot

(Cross-posted from A new audio walk to help walkers at a Cumbrian beauty spot to unlock its rich history and learn about the dramatic climate and weather conditions that … Continue reading

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Updates to Bibliographic Database

Thanks to help from a new research assistant (thanks Lucia!) , I have been making a number of updates and additions to the Zotero bibliographical database, including scores of recent … Continue reading

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Podcast Series: Climate in Canadian and Global History

From H-Environment: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our special podcsat series, “Nature’s Past: Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues” and the first part of this series, which looks … Continue reading

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New Links and Projects

This week, I have added links to the University of South Carolina projects in historical climatology (currently under “Projects and Databases” and the new blog for the Rachel Carson … Continue reading

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