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Old World Drought Atlas Online

The Old World Drought Atlas is now online, offering gridded reconstructions of annual wet/dry conditions in Europe and the Mediterranean over the past 2,000 years, based on a network of … Continue reading

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Special Issue of Méditerranée on the Little Ice Age in the Mediterranean

The latest issue of the journal (dated 2014, but only just released) compiles a number of studies from diverse disciplines which together help define the geographical and temporal characteristics of … Continue reading

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Climate History in the William and Mary Quarterly and the Journal of Interdisciplinary History

The latest issue of the William and Mary Quarterly features a forum on climate and early American history, with an introduction by Joyce Chapman and four articles.  The first article, … Continue reading

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“Changing Climates of History”

The online journal Public Books has published a review by John McNeill of five recent books in climate history by senior scholars, which I link to here.

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Climate Variability and Human Population in Prehistoric Australia

<from H-Env> New podcast episode: Climate variability and population dynamics in prehistoric Australia by Jan Oosthoek The first people to settle in Australia, ancestors of present day Aboriginals, arrived in … Continue reading

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New Study: The 1934 Dust Bowl was the worst drought of the last millennium in North America

A new study by Cook and collaborators at NASA and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory has found that 1934, the start of the Dust Bowl, was the worst North American drought … Continue reading

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New Analysis of Southern Hemisphere Temperature Reconstructions Confirms Global Little Ice Age

In this week’s Nature Climate Change, Raphael Neukom et al. present a new analysis of Southern Hemisphere average temperatures for the past millennium, based on a much larger set of … Continue reading

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Climate History Forum in Environmental History

The April 2014 issue of Environmental History features an extended forum on climate history.  The introductory essay focuses on two questions raised throughout the articles: (1)How does the study of … Continue reading

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New Publications

Two major publications came out this week in climate history.  The first is John Brooke’s Climate Change and the Course of Global History: A Rough Journey (New York: Cambridge University … Continue reading

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New Publication: Recent Advances in the Historical Climatology of the Tropics and Subtropics

A new review written sources and studies in historical climatology of the tropics and subtropics  has come out in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  Authors David Nash (University … Continue reading

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