Climate History Network

A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change

Member List

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Last Name First Name Contact Affiliation Research Interests
Adamson George University of Brighton Climate and Society in India.
Allosso Dan University of Massachusetts Amherst Environmental History.
Ashcroft Linden University of Melbourne Historical meteorological data recovery.
Ashe Teresa Open University (UK) Cultural history of climate change, Soviet conceptions of climate change and climate skepticism.
Barber Daniel Harvard Center for the Environment Climate and Architecture.
Baur Nicole University of Exeter Connections between climate and human health.
Bickers Margaret Kansas State University Environmental history of the American Southwest.
Biggs Lindy University of Auburn History of technology; environmental history.
Bonneau Nicholas CSU Northridge Atlantic history, global environmental history.
Booker Matthew North Carolina State University American environmental history.
Brooke John Ohio State University Colonial and 19th-century American history; environmental history.
Bruno Andy Florida State University Russia, environmental history.
Camenisch Chantal Universität Bern Environmental History, Climate and weather impacts, climate reconstructions and perception of weather in the Late Middle Ages and Early modern period in Europe.
Carey Mark University of Oregon Climate change and disasters in Latin America.
Carlsson-Hyslop Anna History of science and meteorology.
Cavert William The University of St. Thomas Air pollution, urban history, Little Ice Age, Britain.
Cheyette Frederic Amherst College Medieval Europe, landscape and climate.
Chittick Sharla University of Stirling Native American history; environmental history.
Christensen Jon University of California History of science; environmental history.
Clement Kerri Montana State University Environmental history, spatial history, the American west, and neo-materialism.
Coen Ross University of Alaska Fairbanks Rural and renewable energy.
Collet Dominik Heidelberg University Environmental History, Historical Climatology, Famines during the Little Ice Age.
Nicholas Cunigan University of Kansas Climate, Atlantic, and indigenous peoples history.
Degroot Dagomar Georgetown University Early modern climate histories of war, the Dutch Republic, and the Arctic.
Dell Twyla
Devor Teresa University of New Brunswick The Little Ice Age in the North Atlantic.
Dieterich-Ward Allen Shippensburg University Energy, political economy, and twentieth-century America.
Diodato Nazzareno Met European Research Observatory Climate models, reconstruction of European temperatures.
Duncan Colin Queen’s University Environmental history, Canadian history.
Egan Michael McMaster University History of science; North American environmental history.
Evans Chris University of South Wales Energy use in the early modern world; heating technologies (domestic and industrial) in the Little Ice Age.
Falkowski Mateusz Jerzy New York University Early modern environmental history of the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.
Fenby Claire University of Melbourne Historical climate in Australia.
Fitzgerald Gerard J. George Mason University environmental history, the history of technology and industrialization, military history, the history of medicine and public health, and the history of science.
Frank Thomas University of the South Pacific Waiser
Garden Donald University of Melbourne Climate and environmental history of Australia.
Garone Philip CSU Stanislaus Environmental history; Central Valley, California.
Gasteyer Stephen Michigan State University Natural resource management.
Gergis Joëlle University of Melbourne Palaeoclimatology, El Nino, Australian historical climatology and climate history.
Goodwin Ian Macquarie University Climate change and Polynesian journeys of exploration.
Gray Robert University of Winchester Cultural constructions of climate, historical climatology and landscape history in Britain and Central Europe.
Hall Alexander Coventry University History of science and meteorology (focus 20th century), disasters, weather warnings, risk and blame narratives.
Hannaford Matthew> University of Sheffield Climate, history and society in the African tropics and subtropics.
Hanson Lorelei Athabasca University Canadian rural environmental history.
Hardenberg Wilko Graf von Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Italian history, social history of the environment. Digital humanities. History of nature conservation, management, and rhetoric in the Alps.
Huhtamaa Heli University of Eastern Finland/University of Bern Climate history of northeastern Europe, food system vulnerability and resilience to climatic anomalies.
Henderson Gabriel Aarhus University Climate politics, environmental history, history of science.
Hernandez Rodolfo Tsinghua University Air pollution and construction of air quality indexes.
Herzberg Julia Rachel Carson Center Environmental history and climate in Russia.
Hoffmann Richard C. York University Environmental history of medieval and early modern aquatic ecosystems.
Homsher Robert S. Harvard University (UK) Mid- to late-Holocene human-environmental dynamics in the Near East.
Howe Josh Montana State University Environmental history, history of science, global warming.
Hughes Donald University of Denver World environmental history.
Jeason Njong University of Buea Cameroon The environmental history of southwestern and northwestern Cameroon.
Jonsson Fredrik Albritton University of Chicago Environmental history, political economy, history of science
Klanovicz Mid West State University of Paraná Environmental history of Brazil.
Kleemann Katrin Free University Berlin Early modern historical climatology.
Lehmann Philipp Harvard University History of climatology, desertification, and engineered climate change.
Ljungqvist Fredrik Charpentier Stockholm University Multi-proxy reconstructions, statistical analysis of past climate, impacts of climate change on human societies back in time.
Lundstad Elin Norwegian Meteorological Institute Homogenization of instrumental series, history of meteorological stations in Norway.
Maddox Gregory Texas Southern University African environmental history.
Manning Joseph Yale University Climate history of the Mediterranean and Near East/North Africa, first millennium BC.
Maughan Nicolas Aix-Marseille University Environmental, climate and infectious diseases history in the Mediterranean World.
Mauelshagen Franz Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen Histories of climate and catastrophe in Germany.
McNally Lou Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Documentary evidence; North America and Ships’ Logs
Metzger Alexis University of Limoges Climate history and art history (France, Netherlands), winter landscapes, floods.
Morrissey Robert University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Native Americans in the tallgrass prairie region, 1200-1850.
Mouhot Jean-François Georgetown University and EHESS, Paris French environmental history, energy history. Website:
Newfield Timothy University of Stirling Disease, Hunger, Climate, Early Medieval Europe, 400-1000.
Nichols Jeff Westminster College Environmental history of the American West.
Norrgård Stefan Åbo Akademi University Reconstructing West African rainfall, 18th century.
O’Bergin Jonathan Xiamen University Climate Change, Empires and Agriculture.
Pei Qing The University of Hong Kong Statistical analysis of economic, agricultural, and military ramifications of climate change.
Penna Anthony Northeastern University Global environmental history; natural disasters.
Piper Liza University of Alberta Environmental history of Canada; Canadian climatic reconstructions.
Pfister Christian University of Bern Climate history of Europe; discipline of historical climatology.
Pineda Yovanna University of Central Florida Agricultural development, farm technology, climate, arid regions, drought, Latin America, Argentina and Brazil.
Preiser-Kapeller Johannes Australian Academy of sciences Climate and society in the medieval eastern Mediterranean.
Reid David Rutgers University Latin America; Water politics; irrigation; border issues.
Rice James SUNY Plattsburgh Climate history of native Americans.
Ritvo Harriet MIT Animals in history; British environmental history.
Robin Libby Australian National University History of science; climate and environmental history of Australia.
Rohland Eleonora Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Essen. Historical disaster studies; climate history; American colonial environmental history.
Rohr Christian University of Bern Climate history of Europe.
Rowlatt Linnéa University of Kent and Freie Universität Berlin Religious views of nature during climate change (LIA and ACGW).
Rumore Gina University of Minnesota
Skopyk Bradley Instituto de investigaciones Antropológicas
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Ecological dimension of everyday economies in Mexico, especially those that emerged in the wake of the Spanish conquest.
Sunberg Adam University of Kansas Environmental history of Northern Europe.
Adeney Thomas Julia University of Notre Dame Climate change and methodology; Japanese history.
Waiser Bill University of Saskatchewan Northern and western Canada; environmental history
Ward Catharine Brunel University Historical climatology, data rescue and climate reconstruction using weather recorded in ships’ logbooks
Warsh Molly warsh@ptt.eduTexas A&amp University of Pittsburgh
White Sam Oberlin College Global environmental history, historical climatology.
Wicaksono Satrio Brown University Paleoclimatology; historical climatology of Indonesia.
Wickman Thomas Trinity College Winters and Wintering in Northeastern North America.
Williams Andrea Colorado State University Mediterranean environmental history in the modern era.
Wolfe Mikael Stanford University Climate history of the Mexican Revolution.
Zilberstein Anya Concordia University Environmental history and climate in colonial Nova Scotia and New England.

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