Climate History Network

A network of interdisciplinary scholars studying past climate change


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Past Actions: Present Woes, Future Potential: Rethinking History in the Light of Anthropogenic Climate Change.  A model syllabus for historians and other students of the past to engage with issues of anthropogenic climate change through the medium of history and related disciplines. Developed by a small team associated with the Rescue!History network.

A network of mainly British social scientists and historians advocating more research and teaching directed at warning the public of the dangers of global warming.  The website includes a page of publications and resources focused on historical lessons for present-day climate change.

H-Environment, part of the H-Net group of discussion networks, includes a resources page with links, bibliographies, and syllabi in various fields of environmental history.


A free, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, multimedia resource for educators.  Includes articles, videos, and course materials on a wide range of topics related to climate science, climate reconstruction, and climate change impacts.

The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication promotes public understanding of climate change and publishes research on American perceptions of climate and climate policy.

Carbon Capture Report

The Carbon Capture Report is an extremely powerful tool developed by the University of Illinois that charts global perceptions of climate change past and present, within and outside of academia.

The Environment & Society Portal is a nonprofit education and research project that aims to make environmental humanities materials freely and openly accessible.  The site features a searchable atlas, timeline, and database of environmental events and topics, including weather events and natural disasters.


100 Views of Climate Change provides useful materials from across the humanities and social and natural science for understanding and teaching about climate change and its impacts.  While mainly focused on contemporary warming, the site also offers useful tools for communicating historical climate change.

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